Former chief architect/engineer of Notre Dame Cathedral says fire “Incomprehensable”

Chief architect of Notre Dame: ‘We installed new detection system in 2010, and completely rewired the cathedral, so the fire wasn’t caused by electrical short-circuit’

Sign of the Times – April 18, 2019

French media reports citing an interview with the former French Inspector-General for Historic Monuments Benjamin Mouton, who oversaw the installation of state-of-the-art fire prevention systems in the Notre Dame Cathedral in 2010, and who was responsible for the building from 2000 to 2013, cast doubt on today’s leak to the Associated Press that the fire was likely caused by an electrical short-circuit.

Benjamin Mouton was interviewed live on TV on Monday evening as the fire continued to burn the 850-year-old symbol of French culture and history. Here’s what he had to say:

“I don’t understand this at all. The fire’s spread is extremely curious. With really old oak like that, it’s super-hard, so you’d need a lot of smaller wood to first get the fire hot enough for the oak beams to burn.

In 2010 we replaced all the electrical wiring, so there’s no way this was sparked by a short-circuit. We put new wiring in place according to modern standards. And we went even further; we installed state-of-the-art fire protection and detection systems in the cathedral.

At all times, there are always two men on standby in the Cathedral, day and night, to go investigate anything the moment an alarm goes off, then if necessary to call the fire emergency services.

I am really stunned that this [the fire] has happened. It’s incomprehensible.”

That’s not all. Mouton told French construction magazine BatiActu the following:

“In 40 years of experience, I have never heard of a fire like this.

It would take a really combustible load at the start of such a fire for it to rapidly develop into the disaster we saw. Also, oak is a particularly fire-resistant wood.

The fire detection/protection system installed in the cathedral was of the highest level. It was a very expensive undertaking, but it enabled us to quickly ascertain whether a fire had started somewhere. Additionally, we had many old wooden doors replaced by fire-doors.

We also drastically reduced the number of electrical appliances throughout the building, and completely forbid them in the attic.”


4 responses to “Former chief architect/engineer of Notre Dame Cathedral says fire “Incomprehensable””

  1. The chap who runs a similar website to this called Norther Truthseeker used to be a fireman, he said film of the fire shows its very obvious that an accelerant was used
    i would say 100 % a deliberate act.
    Experts say this and the jerusalem mosque fire is a deliberate act of provocation.
    Conspiracy news interviewed an ex mossad operative who said the aim is to set the muslims against the christians, as in crusade times, and more recently in 2 world wars and iraq libya syria etc
    israel must be punished for this and pay restitution

  2. The fire could have been started with microwaves and lasers from above….
    Like in Paradise California on November 8 2019…
    A mass murder hardly anybody is talking about…

    California Wild Fires; Far From Normal

  3. Of cause it was:
    It was a Satanic Act.
    One could call a false flag,
    perpetrated by the chosen ones, using, using their enemy’s enemy, to commit the evil act.
    of which Emmanuel Macron, was totally complicit, being the toy boy for the elite.

  4. All Christian Cathedrals are under attack Ely cathedral has excelled itself, it seems determined to alienate the whole population of cambridgeshire England
    Modern art was said by Picasso to be, “A bold statement in the march toward Communism”
    In her famous book ” Creator and Destroyer” Arianna Stassinopoulos, Huffington Simon and Schuster New York 1988 she writes quote “In the 1920s the Commintern decided that Christianity and the West could best be conquered, by first subverting its cultural institutions, family structures education religion mass media art and then government”
    We have all seen the pictures of cows cut in half unmade beds and pictures of the virgin Mary done in menstrual blood, possibly the worst was the ” piss christ” which i will not describe here.
    Henry Moore was another satanist, here is something from the Milton Keynes local newspaper from 2 years ago, “After Henry moore’s 4,500 pound Reclining Nude was stolen in 2005 from a local park it was never seen again, it must have been stolen for its scrap metal content.”
    The local papers were deluged with letters saying thank god its gone.
    Prince Charles views are well known as he studied real art and architecture, and he has spoken out against what is known as ” crap art ” many times.
    Alec Clifton Taylor in a TV programme aired around 2007, said the linking of Modern art with its roots in Atheism communism and satanism is well known.
    But Ely cathedral has a history here, its depiction inside of a large cross on the wall, that is morphing into a snake, tells its own story, the snake is depicted in the Bible as Satan the serpent, the letter S is part of this cross. and is seen devouring the cross which has inequal arms, the crooked cross is a satanic symbol.
    The 4 large stone pillars were hastily removed from Cathedral grounds after the TV prog. UKcolumn news showed they were from Dementiev’s book ” Socialism for Westerners “and described the 4 methods of undermining the Christian way of life.
    We have had recently a Holocaust week which did not mention Christians at all, we have had an Ann Frank week despite her family admitting the story was all a fraud written by her father for money.
    The Cathedral celebration of the tree of life which comes from the Kabbalah, and is used by Zionists and occultists, has called many people to question what is going on here.
    The fact that several of the local Cathedral clergy have been homosexuals and not family men has been a very controversial issue.
    what us local Christians want is a saints week, things to do with Christianity, the life of Christ etc, and i regret Cathedral numbers at services are pitiful while the small local churches such as the one i now attend are really blooming